DIY: Paper Wrapped Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, so what better time to learn how to wrap flowers? We are ditching the plastic and wrapping these beauties up the way they deserve. I know chocolates and candy may be a popular gift choice with this holiday, but I am all about fresh flowers and wine. I’m sharing the same way I wrapped the bouquets at my flower bar from the GALentine’s day party last week.

how to wrap flowers

In addition to your selection of flowers, you will need:

  • Rectangle sheet of brown paper (wrapping paper would also work)
  • One sheet of tissue paper cut in half
  • Sharp scissors
  • A piece of paper towel
  • Small sandwich bag
  • Rubber band
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Tag

diy flower bouquet

When mixing blooms, I like to use a bigger face flower, some smaller accent ones and pretty greenery. If you don’t have access to a variety like this and want to keep it simple, try a bunch of the same flowers, such as tulips. Start by cutting your paper into a rectangle sheet and lay it down so a corner is the top. Lay the tissue paper on top of the that sheet, slightly higher, print side down.

how to wrap a flower arrangement

Trim the stems to desired length, then dampen the paper towel to wrap around the stems. Place your plastic bag on top of that and secure with a rubber band. This is just an extra step to keep your blooms a little hydrated until they are back in a vase.

how to paper wrap a flower bouquet

Wrapping the bouquet is next. After laying the flowers in the center, take the corner on the left and fold it all the way to the right. Next, fold the bottom corner up. Finally wrap the right corner to the left all the way around the bouquet. I like to use a piece of washi tape here to secure, but it’s not necessary.

how to fold a paper flower bouquet

Once you’re bouquet is wrapped up nicely, tie it with the ribbon of your choice. You can add a gift tag for an extra touch. How pretty is this?!

paper wrapped bouquet diy

These make a great presentation as a gift and I like that you don’t need a ton of flowers to make a statement. Try these for your mom or girlfriend’s this Valentine’s Day. You also can never go wrong with this bouquet and a bottle of wine as a birthday (or any day) present! I’m really pushing the flower and wine thing.

paper wrapped flower bouquet

And I forgot to mention this in my last post, but check out my interview with Maniac Magazine! They are one of Pittsburgh’s top fashion, beauty and culture publications, so I was humbled when they wanted to feature me as their blogger of the week! Thanks Maniac!

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